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  1. I am Really sorry. I did all i could.

  2. Buddy i am so sorry for this... You are a great player and thats the end of it. this is a bad way to go. I hope this all gets cleared up so we can play again...  Ill do whatever i can to help out

  3. Like I said... Do what you have to do. I don't want to ruin the reputation or integrity of the group.
  4. @Mastric I was using it in Single Player Java games to modify values within the program itself. This was done to progress quicker to get to laggier (more intensive) parts of the game where more entities would spawn. @Chuck_Mawhinn3y I did not have an aimbot. I think you may have misread what was posted. Sniper and I always joke about having aimbot because people have accused us before.
  5. So last night while playing on the MIXED MODE server we were all having a good time and getting back into the swing of things with BF4. I was talking to @skulls and @scarybloodlust about the new overclock I literally just put on my CPU after updating the BIOS. Because I didn't have time to test the stability, I ran some quick AIDA 64 Tests and ran a few single player games along with Cheat Engine just to quickly test some stability. Once it seemed stable enough I decided to hop on Battlefield after ignoring BF4 for the past week. I had a few system monitoring programs up as well as Cheat Engine (because I'm a fucking idiot and didn't "ex" out of it). After a few rounds of playing I was banned by PunkBuster... I guess you guys were right about all those aimbotH4Xusations xD. I did appeal the ban, but after doing some research, they never appeal bans if you had Cheat Engine running. Preparing for my inevitable fate, I booted up my old Origin account and got BF4 on it. My username is now NEGOCIATOR1995 . If my original account gets unbanned, I will switch back over to it, but considering the amount of time that might take and the fact that I don't want to miss out on BF1 releasing, sticking with this account from now on might be the best way of going about this. Friend requests were sent out to everybody in the platoon. (and an invite to the platoon again would be appreciated) I'm sure because of this being a PunkBuster Ban the directors are going to want to talk about this. I want you guys to do what you have to do and do what is best for the clan and our reputation. I completely understand if you don't want me to be a part of ATR because of this, but I want you to know that I was not using Cheat Engine for Battlefield or any other hack for that matter. I'd be willing to discuss this matter further in private if need be.
  6. To add to what OONicc said about that mexican water.... don't get any ice either. It WILL get you sick. Enjoy the weather down there
  7. Negociator95


    Personally, I would prefer TeamSpeak or even Ventrillo as @HappyUnholy mentioned. Discord is too bulky and I feel like I need to run it fullscreen (or close to it) instead of TeamSpeak, which I have skinnier, but taller and off to the side of the screen. I have noticed many microphone problems in Discord, but as @RoomBroom2010 mentioned, that could be because people haven't configured things properly. I personally prefer to use voice activation (rather than Push to Talk) and pair that with a mute button for when I don't want to transmit. This is not easily done in Discord and it's hard to tell in game if you have muted your mic or not. Teamspeak has a very nice lady that tells me when this happens. I also like how TeamSpeak had a blue circle icon on the taskbar (by the clock) that becomes a light blue circle when speaking. There is also no "User entered your channel" that is native to discord; there is only the same beep noise for everything no matter if someone has left, joined, or posted in chat. I prefer TeamSpeak over Discord for all of these reasons and not the dreaded, "Nobody likes change!"
  8. You can remove all of the worlds from mine, I can just recreate the ones that I use.
  9. Yeah we could just join an empty server, but I guess if it becomes a regular thing we could look into it, but I don't think that is neccesary
  10. BlackLaw point out today in TeamSpeak that GoldenEye multiplayer has been remade. I think this look amazing and has great potential to become even better. Currently this is multiplayer only. I would like to see us try to play this together for a weekend event or something in the near future. What are everybody's thoughts on this? https://www.geshl2.com/ I was playing for about an hour last night. Only takes about an hour to download and install too (and I don't have the fastest internet). It's good fun and we could always just hop into an empty server. most have 16 slots, but there are some with more. We could also consider hosting on one of our servers, but it is currently NOT compatible with Linux.
  11. The new version of FTB Infinity Evolved has been out for a little over a week now. According to the changelog, a good amount of duplication glitches and some other bugs have been corrected. I did some research to see if the upgrade from 2.5.0 to 2.6.0 will cause any issues and have seen reports that it would be okay to update. Changelog && Download Link: https://www.feed-the-beast.com/projects/ftb-infinity-evolved/files/2320896 Keep in mind that we would all need to update our clients to the new version as well.
  12. We will look into this and take care of it as soon as possible. Thank You for reporting
  13. I have Endermen heads if you want them. Got a few from my spawner
  14. The problem on that map is all the damn snipers. It's just so hard to push when attacking, but if you use teamwork (communicate) then rushing the objective is very satisfying. I wouldn't be for or against removing this map from rotation, but I do enjoy playing it. However when I play it, I prefer to communicate with my squad.
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