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  1. Probably start raiding next week. Pretty busy this week
  2. Just a reminder I told rebel and snuggle I wont be here tonight or tommorow its senior sign so...good luck.
  3. I might be late and or absent
  4. At least we will have a resto druid now <3
  5. You be good the Rebel he is a tender guy that needs alot of attention.
  6. I'm gona be late for Kalliks 10man tonight. bout 20-25mins
  7. As the title says I'm done playing the game, A little insight into why: After all the stress with group 3 raiding lost its enjoyment, I became very bitter and mean when it came to anything raid related basically the game lost all appeal. I talked with Taunka and Dambala multiple times about this and about myself quiting and so now I am. To be clear I've wanted to quit for awhile but with the state of group three I did not want to become another hassle for Rebel so i stayed and in return I burnt out. The reason I am quitting now is with the transition into 25man there are now plenty of healers and I no longer feel the guilt of quiting. It's been fun and i hope you guys progress well! lots of love, Boredman a.k.a Biggnips
  8. I was excited but then I had flash backs of ICC and the content wasnt't anything like it is now and we struggled, I just hope the leadership is strong enough to handle sitting people, and being a little mean for the good of the group.
  9. This is a bad idea at this time, In the the middle of content you want to halt progression to experiment with new people and people we all remember from ICC as not being the greatest. Also your mixing two struggling groups with bad attendanve in hopes of getting what exaclty? Maybe this would work better in 4.2 but for now I feel this is a waste of time.
  10. I'm done raiding with group 1, i'm done raiding period...there are about 4 of you i can't stand to hear talk and the feeling is probably mutual so as of the end of this week i'm done raiding, i know this is gona turn into a hate thread so let me get you started....Boredman is a terrible healer....he dies to every mechanic...he fucks somthing up on every attempt...he isnt as good as jlogg....he doesnt understand his class....he's bad and annoying... he can't take a joke...he can't take critizism...he's a "baddie"... he's a prick...i'm pretty sure you guys will think up alot more on this post ...and my response is fuck off,fuck off. and fuck off. many of you...in fact all after i post this would think i ninja logged to sabotage what couldve been a killing attempt my answer is ...fuck off.
  11. yeah ur reckin me the only fight i've beat you was atremedes *because healing rain is beast* and conclave "because ur on the platform that takes the least amount of dmg...in other words ur kicking my ass and i gota step it up
  12. rebel teach my how to grow ur side burns
  13. im not getting on you man i was just messin so calm down (cyianna)
  14. trial is how you spell it lol...sad when i have to correct spelling
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