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  1. Same situation as anddrong if i can finish my work I will be on but other wise I will not be here this week for raid.
  2. oh shit mastric i totally forgot that was today
  3. Since apparently I did not put this in "official" writing due to my class schedule for the fall semester I wont be attending wednesday night raids unless my class is cancelled. I will log in when I get home to see if there is a late night 10 man or flex etc. Again I apologize id rather raid every night but when I made my schedule back in april I was NOT playing wow at the time so I had no reason not to take night classes.
  4. Sunday/monday or thursday for me since tuesday is shit for me and wednesday is not possible unless my class is cancelled.
  5. id say yes pop lust at phase 3 because from the testing i saw from PTR the room gets filled with the void zones untill he dies
  6. Im on vacation this week ill be back the 21st
  7. unfortunately I have to work tuesday night if i get out early ill obviously log on but i cant promise anything, and wednesday i work till 8 so ill be late
  8. Monday-wednesday untill july 15 I have class till 7:45 and will be late. On days we get out early I should make it on time but for the next few weeks ill be logging on at 8:30
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