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  1. Tacks will be with you all!🙋🏽‍♀️ Healing as disc on my priest.
  2. Wont be here tomorrow but ill be here wednesday! <3
  3. Hey everyone just wanted to post that my absent on Tuesdays raid April 1st was me just forgetting about raid lol i know. Anddrong later texted me during attempts to let me know that i missed it. WHICH HE COULDA TEXTED ME TO LET ME KNOW ABOUT RAID. but im not blaming him. no. not andy dong candy dong. But anyways im also posting to let everyone know that as of my work schedule i will only be able to make Tuesdays raids as of this month! also Sundays now that a certain show is off season (cough cough the walking dead) see yous next Tuesday!
  4. opps posted in the wrong area lol but yeah.
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