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  1. i know i just came back to raiding but... im house sitting for a family friend for the next couple days and they are in the boonies and have satellite internet with a 5gb data cap each month, so i cant raid. nice meme the parrotest of wards
  2. endless halls took me over 2 hours, i want to die
  3. Ward

    Site Upgrade

    soooooooo.... when do we go back to red and black? asking for a friend
  4. right but if im actually trying to play games with any sort of good quality i feel like my main monitor would need its own graphics card
  5. update: the laptop sound issue decided that it wanted to fix itself while i typed this out FeelsGoodMan
  6. TL:DR my life is a hot mess any everything is breaking ok so many a thing have gone awry with my machine recently, i believe they are all based around my graphics card. randomly while playing wow, my screens will all go black and my sound will often stutter for a second. I am still able to talk in teamspeak or discord and i can still control my character and cast, i just cant see anything. This is usually solved with a restart, however today when i went to restart my computer only one of my monitors was actually on and it looked broken. Before all of this went down the display port on my graphics card shit the bed and would only give a signal to my monitor for a brief second before shutting off again, to solve this i switched the monitor to HDMI, but (atleast in the nvidea control options) i cannot use my 144hz monitor on anything but 60hz. Before this issue i was having freezing issues where all my screens would freeze and the same audio would play on a very loud and annoying loop. i went through the round and round with nvidia solely based around the lack of display port, and they came to the conclusion i need a new card and to try and contact EVGA to see about warrenty or other things. a few questions in the interum: i have a spare 770 and 760, can i run my main monitor off the 770 and the 2 less important monitors off the 760? do you have any input on what other things might be causing this issue? also, less important, but i dont have any sound comming through my laptop at all, with headphones plugged in or not. tried restarting and looking in playback devices and the headphones that are plugged in arent listed under anything. my life is a hot mess right now. thanks in advance, Wardparrot
  7. While I have been having fun on my monk, I don't want to be a main tank. I was leveling it regardless to tank mythic +'s and alt raids, I am the giant red button you don't want to push of a tank, the most backup of backup.
  8. ok well, we are moving the old ones out and the new ones in, and like i said they might be feeding me dinner and we might just be talking for a while because they are friends
  9. and they pushed it back to 615, so i might not even make it to raid at all feelsbadman
  10. might be late, helping family friends move a fridge and stove at 5, idk exactly how long its going to take or if they are going to feed me dinner or something so RIP
  11. look at me standin next to my buddy khadgar
  13. You got another review and its a 5 star!!!!! pls don't cry
  14. 2triggered to play this game
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