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  1. You have time, 330 is achievable through a set of heroic dungeon gear and a few pieces from mythic. Mort has been organizing mythic runs for people, if you need help let him know and we will get you in, hopefully with a few people of your same armor type so you can all share gear.
  2. We currently have 3 servers in this order of mods used: mc1.atrcraft.com = FTB Revelations v1.1.0 mc2.atrcraft.com = Skyfactory 3 v3.0.15 mc3.atrcraft.com = Vanilla (not sure the version) (Thank you @The_Real_1hit) If something doesn't work let me know and i'll follow up
  3. Good luck with your mythics, with the time you devote to the game and all of your characters im sure you will do well. And with your luck with mounts you'll have the damn mount the first time you kill argus..... also update your forum signature what year is this?
  4. Well, atm it looks like servers will be down until 8pm est so dont worry about it and youll jump in next week.
  5. Kevin and I looked at logs to see your rotation, abilities, and casts. Then equipped similar gear with frost legendaries on his mage. On a 3+ minute fight he was able to sustain 900k dps. It looks like you need to change one of your talents as well as do a little better during your conservation phase to line up with your cool downs. We can talk in a little bit more detail after the guild party but I think a few weakauras may help in managing some of these things.
  6. You have a good amount of gear with your 4 set and whatnot, I think you just need some practice. Pika has been playing with it a little bit and offered to give you some pointers since he has been playing mage for so long. I would rather you get better then just switch back and forth. I think you can get much more dps out of a little playstyle/ rotation improvements.
  7. No problem, thanks for the heads up.
  8. until
    Raid days, come kill bosses and get loot
  9. until
    Raid days, come kill bosses and get loot
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